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It's funny how it's suggested that you write an about us page when it's really just one person at the helm.  That's how it is with me as I type this very moment.  Oh, sure, I have plans of grandeur.
Helping people of the "sandwich generation" and helping them help their elderly charges are chief among them.  

I'd like to one day expand so that I reach more people, have lots of participation and resources, and become a prime resource in my own right.  I don't want to do that in a traditional way though.  What I'd like is to infuse my own brand of humor into this blog.  I think I can accomplish it somewhat by including true "chapters" of what I deal with on a daily basis with my elderly dad or Dadzilla.

I've actually found that writing chapters about my experiences has helped me find a center.  I go into each one initially all bluster, but I find I mellow a great deal by the end.  This is of great help for someone who is being chronically treated for depression (since 1997).

I hope you'll be able to see through the smarmy, sarcastic humor and understand that I do love my dad.  I just don't enjoy all the ridiculousness I go through to cope with him!  I'm sure he'd have plenty to say about me, but it's MY website! :)

Please participate - I actually consider myself more of a reader than a writer and I enjoy hearing about other peoples' situations.

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